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New Horizons has a proud history of supporting First Nations peoples and communities. Over the past decade, we have supported a number of local initiatives aimed at enhancing social, emotional and physical wellbeing.


Our Indigenous services include:

  • Tribal Dreaming: supporting Indigenous men to reconnect with their culture and integrate with the wider community after exiting the justice system.
  • Gudhu Wadhu: a young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leadership service
  • Gumargai Family Support: supporting individuals and families to connect with culturally appropriate services and activities
  • Indigenous Community Hub: providing a safe place for Indigenous peoples to participate in cultural supports and activities.
  • Housing and Accommodation Support Initiative (HASI): providing opportunities for Indigenous people with lived experience of mental ill health to grow and live independently in the community.

Commitment to Reconciliation

We’re committed to playing our part in closing the gap, internally with our people and services, externally with our partners, and most importantly with our customers. In 2014 we developed the New Horizons Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) as part of our ongoing commitment to workforce diversity, and to formalise our support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Commended by Reconciliation Australia, the RAP acts as a guideline for creating inclusive, culturally safe environments for both customers and employees, and offering culturally-specific services alongside our unmatched range of mainstream supports and service.  We currently have more than fifty employees who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders, who provide personal, culturally appropriate supports.

How to fund your support

There are several ways you can access New Horizons supports and services. We can provide advice and guidance to find the best funding option for you.

Government funding & NDIS

The government provides a number of funding options, including the NDIS, to help people like you pay for certain supports and services. Our Lifestyle Planners can talk you through your funding options.


People wishing to access specific supports and services who do not receive government funding or who wish to have additional supports outside of their government funding can choose to self-fund.

Health Insurance

In some cases, Private Health Insurance companies may pay for or subsidise the cost of certain supports and services. This will depend on your individual circumstances and policy details.

Discover your wellbeing

The MyWellbeing app is a really simple way to assess your wellbeing, identify areas for improvements and start setting goals.


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