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Before you trust someone with your future, take a look at their past

We've been making a social impact for more than half a century.... take a trip down memory lane to learn where we came from, and what got us to where we are now.
  • 1967

    The birth of innovation

    New Horizons has been creating a social impact since the mid ‘60s. While the baby boomers were tie dying their shirts, we were starting a social movement of our own. Back then, we partnered with energy giant BP to create the world’s first social enterprise - a small petrol station in Sydney that employed people with psychiatric disabilities. Today we support thousands of Aussies in hundreds of communities to enhance their health and wellbeing.

  • 1981

    The eighties

    After more than a decade in partnership with BP, profits from the petrol station were used to build a packaging centre at North Ryde which has gone on to provide employment and training for hundreds of people with disability. One of the first of many accomplishments involved a partnership with Australian icon, UGG. The sense of pride and value it gave people with a disability to be able to say they hand-packed the world-famous sheepskin boots did immense things for their self confidence.

  • 1993

    Expanding Horizons

    By the early 90s, we were investing the profits of the petrol station and packaging businesses into buying and leasing houses that would be offered as homes for disadvantaged people, people who'd mostly lived their lives in institutions. Transitioning people into the community, supporting them to develop life skills, increase their independence and actively participate as valued members of society had become a cornerstone of our social mission.

  • 2003

    A new millennium, a new age

    After purchasing two failing nursing homes in the late 90s, and quickly bringing both back from brink of bankruptcy, we immediately set about building a state-of-the-art Aged Care facility at North Ryde. Since its official opening in 2003, New Horizons Aged Care has earned a reputation for its high-quality, professional, yet warm and personalised care.

  • 2008

    Growth, Diversity & Culture

    By 2008 New Horizons had grown to become one of the countries most diverse and experienced providers of community services. Having partnered with individuals, communities, governments and the private sector, our services now spanned the Aged Care, Disability, Employment, Homelessness, Indigenous, Justice and Mental Health sectors.

  • 2014

    Change and transformation

    As reform sweeps over the sector, New Horizons - by now a company of 900+ people - is busy making changes of its own. As determined as ever to set higher standards of service, we're undergoing our own transformation. We're realigning our strategy and operations with the needs, interests and goals of customers. In the words of CEO Judi Higgin "The sector reforms allow us to build upon an approach we've pioneered for half a century: put the individual in the drivers seat so they can make choices of their own; and put their wellbeing at the centre of everything so their individual needs are met."

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