Youth support services

Supporting young people to achieve their goals.

New Horizons offers age-specific supports focused on life-stage transitioning and building independence in-line with personal interests. This might be attaining a driver’s license, transitioning out of home or school or developing the necessary skills to live independently.

Young Persons in Residential Aged Care (YPIRAC) providers,and have supported 200 young people with disabilities to move out of aged care facilities into more appropriate housing with access to the right supports to enhance wellbeing.

In 2015 New Horizons was chosen as the lead provider for Headspace Ashfield.


Youth specific supports and services

Through our extensive network of more than 400 partners, and our proven experience we can help with:

  • Planning and goal setting: We’ll sit down with you to talk about your goals so we can make a plan and look at what it will take for you to achieve them.
  • Daily living skills: Sometimes managing daily tasks such as grocery shopping, self-care, cooking, cleaning and budgeting can be a challenge. We’ll support you to cope better and build your every day living skills.
  • Clinical and therapeutic services:We’re well connected! We’ll put you in touch with the right people like GPs and psychologists to get you feeling physically, emotionally and mentally well.
  • Recreation and community participation: Get out and about more with our support. We listen to your interests and support you to take part in community activities, such as joining a sports team or crafts group.
  • Education, employment and training: If you want a job, we can connect you to the right people and services, help you prepare and support you through the transition into the workforce.
  • Like minded support staff: Many of our staff have ‘lived experience’. That means they’ve been through what you’re going through. We’ll try to connect you with mentors and support staff with similar interests and background. It’s important that you get on with the person providing your support after all!

To discover how we can support you, call us for a chat 1300 726 372 or email us.

How to fund your support

There are several ways you can access New Horizons supports and services. We can provide advice and guidance to find the best funding option for you.

Government funding & NDIS

The government provides a number of funding options, including the NDIS, to help people like you pay for certain supports and services. Our Lifestyle Planners can talk you through your funding options.


People wishing to access specific supports and services who do not receive government funding or who wish to have additional supports outside of their government funding can choose to self-fund.

Health Insurance

In some cases, Private Health Insurance companies may pay for or subsidise the cost of certain supports and services. This will depend on your individual circumstances and policy details.

Discover your wellbeing

The MyWellbeing app is a really simple way to assess your wellbeing, identify areas for improvements and start setting goals.


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We help our customers to uncover the possibilities in their lives by supporting them with the right advice, connections and services.

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