Humanitarian and Justice

A holistic approach to humanitarian and justice support.

New Horizons supports people from diverse backgrounds and situations to discover their potential, including individuals and families who have been displaced from their culture, have experienced trauma or have fallen into the justice system.

Specifically, New Horizons delivers humanitarian and justice support to people with mental health conditions and disabilities under Community and Justice program (CJP) and Personal Helpers and Mentors Humanitarian (PHaMs) programs.

Since 2010, New Horizons has supported more than 1,000 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse people and have equally diverse support team to match.

We connect customers with team members who speak their native language and who are culturally aware. We apply the same degree of care when brokering specialist supports and services using our extensive industry networks.


Personalised Support

Treating our customers as individuals, we take the time to listen to your needs, acknowledge and respect your heritage, and develop a personalised support plan to help you better integrate into the community, form meaningful social bonds and develop the necessary skills to live happily and independently.

This may involve:

  • Advocating your rights and supporting you to exercise your best options
  • Language building and community integration
  • Building life skills
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Accessing clinical and therapeutic supports
  • Building self confidence
  • Pre-release assessment planning

By putting your wellbeing at the heart of everything do, we believe we can make a difference in your life.

How to fund your support

There are several ways you can access New Horizons supports and services. We can provide advice and guidance to find the best funding option for you.

Government funding & NDIS

The government provides a number of funding options, including the NDIS, to help people like you pay for certain supports and services. Our Lifestyle Planners can talk you through your funding options.


People wishing to access specific supports and services who do not receive government funding or who wish to have additional supports outside of their government funding can choose to self-fund.

Health Insurance

In some cases, Private Health Insurance companies may pay for or subsidise the cost of certain supports and services. This will depend on your individual circumstances and policy details.

Discover your wellbeing

The MyWellbeing app is a really simple way to assess your wellbeing, identify areas for improvements and start setting goals.


Who is

New Horizons

We help our customers to uncover the possibilities in their lives by supporting them with the right advice, connections and services.

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