Housing & Accomodation

Finding, securing and maintaining a home

For a number of reasons, people sometimes find themselves homeless, at risk of homelessness or in need of support to maintain and improve their living situation.

New Horizons has offered a range of housing and accommodation supports since the Richmond Report led to the transition of people with psychiatric disabilities from institutional settings into the community in the early 1990s. At the time we invested heavily in buying and leasing residential properties to enable that transition.

Since then, we’ve assisted thousands of people to find, secure and maintain homes in a wide range of settings under a number of different models. From boarding houses to group homes, to villa models, from short-term and transitional accommodation – today we operate over 100 properties, including a state-of-the-art residential Aged Care and purpose-built villas for young people with profound and permanent disabilities.

In 2011 New Horizons was part of a pilot in partnership with the state and federal governments that aimed to revolutionise the approach to addressing homelessness on the NSW mid-north coast. Our innovative approach to achieving long-term, sustainable housing eclipsed national outcomes.  The pilot was so successful that Housing NSW modelled our approach in it’s toolkit ‘Keys to Opening Doors’ – a training resource that has since been rolled out to hundreds of homelessness providers around the state.

Our experience and demonstrated success in working with people experiencing homelessness, mental health issues, people with disability, those who are frail-aged, people from culturally diverse backgrounds, and many other disadvantaged groups, means we understand people’s needs and goals, how their situations change over time and, importantly, how navigate the social, community, private and specialist housing systems.


Finding a home and beyond.

Our support doesn’t stop at finding a place to call home. We continue to work with our customers to ensure they have access to everything they need and are supported to successfully maintain a home and increase their independence.

We can assist with accessing:

  • Short term, crisis and temporary accommodation
  • Transitioning to longer-term housing
  • Specialist disability accomodation
  • Specialist, high-support aged care
  • Age-appropriate housing for younger people with disability
  • Transitioning out of hospital or correctional settings into the community
  • Advocacy and negotiating tenancy agreements and obligations
  • Family and household supports
  • Developing life and daily-living skills
  • Improving budgeting and finance skills
  • Vocational training and workforce participation
  • Recreation and community participation
  • Negotiation and advocacy

How to fund your support

There are several ways you can access New Horizons supports and services. We can provide advice and guidance to find the best funding option for you.

Government funding & NDIS

The government provides a number of funding options, including the NDIS, to help people like you pay for certain supports and services. Our Lifestyle Planners can talk you through your funding options.


People wishing to access specific supports and services who do not receive government funding or who wish to have additional supports outside of their government funding can choose to self-fund.

Health Insurance

In some cases, Private Health Insurance companies may pay for or subsidise the cost of certain supports and services. This will depend on your individual circumstances and policy details.

Discover your wellbeing

The MyWellbeing app is a really simple way to assess your wellbeing, identify areas for improvements and start setting goals.


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We help our customers to uncover the possibilities in their lives by supporting them with the right advice, connections and services.

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